Day … much later

This Christian has stopped reflecting on her doubt. That’s it, for now. It appears, in any case, that not one soul has ever read any of this, nor ever will, as a brief Google search throws up nothing remotely like this little one-person bog … so who will ever read it? If someone does, someday, then consider, dear reader, that what started out a crippling doubt quickly dissipated, though this should not be taken as typical of my life story. Doubt of a kind that really crushed me has been frequent and prolonged in my life.  Like the alcoholic, I can not say that it is over, for good. Experience, for the alcoholic, teaches him or her that she is never safe; that she cannot say she has it beat; and this realisation keeps the alcoholic humble and reliant on what they call a “Power” higher than themselves. So too with me. I rely on Him for my daily dose of faith and I feel I may be less shaken the next time it seems to ebb. I have less need to capture it, pin it down. I can wait.  know that God is there. I know that he loves me. I know that Jesus is central, somehow…. I acknowledge the very real faiths of non-Christians but  persist in a belief that Jesus Christ is the fullness of God, in bodily form, and that my path, at any rate,leads through Him.

And every minute spent blogging about Him is a minute not spent praying to  Him! So let me end for now, on his note. Hoping, dear reader, that YOU exist! At the moment that, too is a matter of faith!

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