About Me

I’m a fifty something Christian woman who has wrestled with doubt for much of her Christian life. I seek and long for a settled and trusting relationship with the Lord. I belong to a pretty fundamentalist church but  am drawn to the writings of slightly mystical Christian thinkers, such as Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton, and others. This blog is written for light relief! It is by no means an attempt to explore or wallow in doubt, but to get the better of it, by reminding myself of truths, facing the doubts and going beyond them (hopefully).

In all of this, I pray. I speak continually, it seems, to the Lord, and I try very much to learn from the example of Christians I admire, such as St Therese of Liseux, the lesser known Father Walter Ciszek, and a host of others. Dietrich Bonhoeffer I hoped to find a comfort, but found rigidy there – suffice to say, he was no comfort to me.

Perhaps I will add more later.

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